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Astronomy Session 23 March 2018

Today in Astronomy Club, the previous batch of student leaders of the club stepped down and the new batch of student leaders for astronomy club were inaugurated. As I saw my peers step down drom the posts they had been holding foe the past year, it struck me that time flies so fast, there isn't even enough time for us to pause and do reflections about our lives in geeral. I feel like I just joined astronomy club yesterday, and soon, CCA will be stnading down and we will no longer be attending astronomy sessions. I'm glad that this will give us more time to prepare for the O levels, but I do feel a bit sad that I'll be leaving my fellow astronomy club friends who have been with me for the past 3+ years. I have learnt so much - from measuring the mass of jupiter to learning about the sun and gravitational potential energy, everything was so content heavy yet engaging at the same time.

Today, Kang Zhe also went through differentation and integration, which are both essential s…

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