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23 Feb 2018 Lesson

Today in Astronomy Club, we learned about the Big Bang, Significant Astronomical Discoveries as well as the Universe Death Theory. 
The lesson was extremely interesting as I never knew that the Big Bang Theory occured approximately 13.7 billion years ago. Our lives only last about 80 years and the thought of something occuring billions of years ago is very bizzare. A knew discovery for me was also the idea of "singularity". A singularity is a point which is infinetly small, hot and dense. Lastly, I also learned that the Universe is expanding at an increasing speed and that a theory states that one day, the pull of the Universe will be so strong that it rips it apart. Although it definitely won't be during my lifetime, it is quite an extraordinary idea to think about.
Another concept is the Big Freeze. Once the Universe reaches its maximum, theoretical physicists believe that heat in the system will be distributed evenly. During this Big Freeze, the Universe would, in theor…

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