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Astronomy Session 6 April

Today, is the second last session of Astronomy. Today we learnt about conic sections and how they are formed from cutting 2 cones up in different ways. Circles, ellipses, parabolas and hyperbolas can be derived depending on the way you cut the double cone. A typical ellipse has a major axis, a semi-major axis, a minor axis and so on so forth. We also watched a video about minute physics - angular momentize. The equation is L=velocity x radius x mass. Other than that, we also learned about the Third Law. The main gyst of it would be htat and orbit is an ellipse. We then moved on to Geocentric orbits. A geocentric orbit is any orbit that is around the earth. An inclined orbit is and orbit whose inclination in reference to the equatorial plane is not 0.

 Afterwards, we moved on to build a rocket. We started off by designing the rocket. We made sure to make the design streamlined in order to allow the rocket to fly higher. As there was not much class time left, we only managed to complete…

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